Weekly reflection

Think about:

  • The ‘nature’ of your own photographic practice;
  • The importance of context in our reading of images;
  • Any ideas / visual practices you were particularly interested in;
  • Any ideas / visual practices that challenged / shed new light on your existing practice.

For our weekly reflection, some questions were posed in relation to the point above. Here are my thoughts so far.

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Photography the shape-shifter and the importance of context

At the start of week 1, we reflected on the shape-shifting contexts in which we consume photographs, and considered Roland Barthes’ (1977) idea of the ‘channel of transmission’. 

Barthes says – “The photograph is a message. Considered overall this message is formed by a source of emission, a channel of transmission and a point of reception.”

John Berger calls attention to the shifting contexts and meanings of photographs, saying that “An image is a sight that has been recreated or reproduced. It is an appearance, or a set of appearances, which has been detached from the place and time in which it first made its appearance and preserved – for a few moments or a few centuries.”

Here are my notes following the session.

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Alice Browne – ‘Found’


Last week I went to London to celebrate the launch of my friend Alice’s solo-show at Tintype gallery. I wanted to be there on the opening night to support Alice, but mainly to see her new work up close.

Alice Browne’s first solo-show at Tintype Found, presents new paintings, works on paper, and objects. This new body of work explores our relationship to earth, discovery and ownership. – Tintype Gallery

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