Group webinar with my cohort (Cromarty)


Ferns. Bourne Woods, Farnham, Surrey. June 2019. By Gem Toes-Crichton. © 

Tonight Mick, Alison, MJ (and Danny tried to join from the train with bad signal!) and I gathered and discussed our final major projects and related progress. Some of us are focussing on exhibitions, others on books, others workshops.

I shared an update on my proposal feedback with Wendy McMurdo, as well as some thoughts I’ve had about my project.

I mentioned that I had met with Druce Curator Stephen Harris last week and spent 3 hours looking at archival materials relating to women in the Oxford University Herbaria at Plant Sciences.

Here are some notes/thoughts from my classmates:

  • It seems like your project is more about the key contributions these women in botany made, and how they did that? So the focus isn’t wholly on the plants alone, but they can be used to illustrate the stories of these women. Plants are only one part of the story. Perhaps focus on the stories that haven’t come out yet. (Discuss with Stephen.) The plant is the vehicle for the story you want to tell. Consider what it is you want to show, and what you want your audience to remember or take away.
  • Mick passed on this book recommendation: Laia Brill – On Abortion. Although the topic is different, the way she shares stories and photograph implements and archive materials/objects is very relevant.
  • Maybe get more perspectives on your project?
  • Perhaps you could focus on a set of plants and explain what the women did?


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