Lumen print.

Fern lumen print.

Stage 3. Scanned lumen print. (Exposed from 15:30 – 18:00.) Gem Toes-Crichton. ©


Yesterday I decided to make a lumen print with some Ilford photo paper I had leftover. I decided to use one of my pressed specimens, and chose a fern collected from my parents garden.


(Won’t mention almost locking myself in the airing cupboard in an attempt not to fog the whole pack of paper!)

Fern lumen print.

Stage 1. Began exposure at 15:30. Gem Toes-Crichton. ©


It was a fairly overcast day, and I only had a small frame to use. I left the print for 2.5 hours before scanning. I only made some minor curve adjustments to the final print (stage 3 – header image).

Fern Lumen before scanning

Stage 2. Exposed until 18:00 then scanned. Gem Toes-Crichton. ©


I was fairly pleased with the results, but it’s clear the fern wasn’t fully in contact with the paper, hence some fuzzy areas… especially the stem.

More experiments necessary, and I also need to fix the print. I’ve stored in a light-proof bag for now.

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