More lumen print experiments…

Lumen print grid

Stage 5. Scanned Lumen print experiments. Gem Toes-Crichton. ©


I’ve spent the past couple of days experimenting with lumen prints. (Yesterday’s initial print is over here.)


Laying out on photo paper.

Stage 1. Laying pressed specimens on photo paper (began exposure at 11:25). Gem Toes-Crichton. ©



Stage 2. Developing (11:35). Gem Toes-Crichton. ©


Developing 2

Stage 2. Developing 2 (14:00). Gem Toes-Crichton. ©


Removing plants (circa 3.5 hours)

Stage 4. Removing the plants ready for scanning (15:00). Gem Toes-Crichton. ©


Today was a lovely sunny and clear day, and I left the prints for an extra hour. I think I actually prefer the results pre-scanning as they are a little crisper and more of the pink hues are visible. I’ve also ordered some heavy glass frames as these prints were clearly not fully in contact with paper.

I haven’t fixed this prints yet, but have some fixer on the way. – I’m conscious that will change the look of the prints further, so I’m not yet sure on my preference.

Some classmates commented that they like stage 4 (with the plants shifted to one side). I only photographed the plants on the prints to show the process, but it’s interesting feedback.

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