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What is Critical Theory? // week 9

(Photo credit: Pieter Hugo, image and article published in the New York Times.) This week we were as to consider the following question: “What is critical theory and how is is relevant to your practice?” As part of this we were to share an image, post it to the class forum, and describe two different interpretations of […]

Peer Commissioned Micro Project // week 7

This week we all split up into pairs and set creative briefs for each other to work on throughout the week. (Using inspiration from this week’s reading/research.) I paired up with Gail, who set me the following brief: “Using psychogeographical techniques, go on a dérive with no final destination only time. Your time limit is […]

Photography and… // week 2

This week we were asked to consider the photograph in relation to other disciplines and subjects. I find the links between science and photography to particularly fascinating. In my day to day life at work, I am surrounded by plant biologists and biochemists who rely heavily on photo microscopy, as well as macro photography more generally.

Weekly reflection // week 1

This week we were asked to reflect on our contributions (and those of our peers) in both the forums and webinars (as well as our notes from presentations, further reading and independent research) and consider the concepts and ideas discussed. Here are my thoughts so far.