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Meeting with photographer – Ian Wallman.

During this module we were encouraged to identify and meet with photographers who inspire us. Ian (Wallman) instantly came to mind, so I suggested we meet for a cuppa and a chat – he kindly agreed! (I must admit that prior to the MA, there is no way I would have considered doing this. This task […]

1-2-1 with Krishna.

This OP doesn’t have to be commercial this time. You don’t have to use all the spoilers in the beginning, but your opening image is really important, if that doesn’t invite you in, even 10% then most people aren’t going to bother, you must draw them in.

Thoughts about the plant work…

Photographing the plants in different ways to that of scientific or marketing photographs. Focussing more on form, texture and detail. Less about the work being a life like representation of reality. For me, the camera allows me to create a better representation of whatever I imagine. I always felt so frustrated when painting and drawing. […]

Thinking about my project.

Notes:  In science,  no research is ever wasted, (as long as it’s done properly/the correct controls are in place) and failures can still be valuable as part of the work. In art you often have (set yourself) a fixed brief, and feel the failure to have been waste of time, and take it personally.