Welcome to my Critical Research Journal!


Hi, I’m Gem, a Photographer and MA Photography student at Falmouth University.

By day I work full-time for the University of Oxford supporting research and teaching, as well as creating work to support research activities and events for online and printed publications.

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Purpose of this journal

I’ve created this space to allow me to share my research and reflect on my practice as it develops over the next two years.

I’ve used categories to divide up each of the 5 modules I’ll be working on and add links to those categories as I progress:

As I write I will share my thoughts / work using the following tags (as well as some others tags);

  • Contextual Research: Sharing my thoughts about what I’ve seen, read and watched.
  • Project Development: Documenting the development of my research project and assignments.
  • Coursework: Keeping a log of my weekly tasks and assignments.  
  • Reflection: Sharing insights about my development, reflect on my experiences of the course and keep notes after tutorials and webinars.
  • Bibliography: This will be regularly updated with the references relevant to my MA research and photographic practice.