Final Major Project: more notes and ideas…

I’ve been making notes in a number of different places, and wanted to collect them all together ready to finalise my FMP Pecha Kucha presentation with Wendy McMurdo on Wednesday.

Recently I met with Prof Stephen Harris, Druce Curator (Herbaria) and Associate Professor in Plant Sciences, and he has agreed to support a project relating to the plant collections in the department where I work. We discussed the need for me to think of specific questions/areas of interest to allow him to help unearth these from the collections for me. (Could perhaps look at one plant, or just female botanists for example.)

It’s clear that I need to narrow the ideas outlined below, and find a clear focus for my project. Here are some of my ideas for moving the project forward:

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Reflecting on the ‘Informing Contexts’ module.


© Gem Toes-Crichton. Tulip Diptych (Taken from my Informing Contexts work in progress).

Looking back…

In the first module (Positions and Practice) I used my camera to engage with my community. In the second module (Surfaces and Strategies), I navigated major surgery to remove my left kidney and created a more reflective body of work, centred on identity, healing and my garden as a cathartic space. In the third module (Sustainable Prospects), I worked more collaboratively, engaging with PhD students in the Dept of Plant Sciences (where I work), visually translating their research and stories.

(Link to my website and the work referenced above.)

Informing Contexts module

For this module, I decided to spend time studying and observing flowers, considering what causes me to gaze and what stimulates interest for me in terms of the subject matter.

My aim was to translate my own personal fascination for plants to whoever views the work. To harness the concept of mindful attentiveness, consider form and scale and appreciate the things that we cannot see with the naked eye.

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