Tag: Contextual Research

Lumen print.

  Yesterday I decided to make a lumen print with some Ilford photo paper I had leftover. I decided to use one of my pressed specimens, and chose a fern collected from my parents garden.

Developing my final major project.

I’ve spent the past couple of months researching ways forward for my project, as well as discussing them with Prof Stephen Harris, (Druce Curator of the University of Oxford Herbaria). An important part of this has included exploring the Herbaria collections. In particular, those relating to women who have made important contributions to the field of Botany, […]

SEM of trichome: a leaf hair of Arabidopsis thaliana. By Heiti Paves.

Trichome /ˈtrʌɪkəʊm,ˈtrɪkəʊm/ noun BOTANY a small hair or other outgrowth from the epidermis of a plant, typically unicellular and glandular “Trichomes serve a variety of functions, depending on their location. As root hairs (and as leaf hairs in epiphytes), trichomes absorb water and minerals. As leaf hairs, they reflect radiation, lower plant temperature, and reduce […]