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Lumen print.

  Yesterday I decided to make a lumen print with some Ilford photo paper I had leftover. I decided to use one of my pressed specimens, and chose a fern collected from my parents garden.

Interview with Lin Jingjing 林菁菁 // By the Tate

Interview with Lin Jingjing 林菁菁 // By Monica Merlin for the Tate In this interview Lin Jingjing describes her practice so articulately. I was struck by Lin’s careful description of how and why she works as she does, so I’ve shared some of the points that stood out for me, and that I feel are deeply relevant […]

The nature of my practice.

Think about: The ‘nature’ of your own photographic practice; The importance of context in our reading of images; Any ideas / visual practices you were particularly interested in; Any ideas / visual practices that challenged / shed new light on your existing practice. For our weekly reflection, some questions were posed in relation to the […]


  Here is a  list of some of the key sources and references I have consulted during the course of the MA so far (and in particular, the ‘Informing Contexts’ module). Please note: This list will be regularly updated.  For my own reference: Guide to Harvard referencing at Falmouth University is here.